Wellbeing in and from nature

Wellbeing of the mind and body
- in nature and from nature


I provide
*mind skills development coaching
*wellbeing trainings inside and outside
*well-being events and activities for your teams
*refreshing team walks
(using for example the exercises of the Finnish ©Forest Mind -method)
*individual and group coaching for various holistic wellbeing purposes and
*Forest Mind Guide and Forest Mind Instructor -trainings globally, as well as  *Forest Mind Basic Course totally in the web, with my guidance. 

Tired ? Fatigued? Feeling stressed? Not enough sleep for your needs?  And no time, possibility or willingness to participate face-to-face trainings or classes with other people?
Try the Forest Mind Basic Course. This will give you tools for managing your overall wellbeing and practise exercises outdoors to consciously improve your mood, mindset and wellbeing of your body. See more here: Basic Course in web

I am a holistic Health coach, Nature- and environment guide, a Forest Mind trainer, Ecotherapist and currently studying in a neuropsychiatric coach - program. After my 16 years in the international biz I decided to pursue something new and fulfill my dreams. I currently live my dream life working in the fields of holistic wellbeing and nature based wellbeing.

My passion is to help people to feel good in general and feel good about themselves and their choices in life. Joy in life is our basic right.

In my opinion, recovery is one of the most important skills when we talk about wellbeing in today's hectic life. Many of my activities enhance recovery and bring joy. Another important set of skills are the mind skills. What we think and how we think is crucial for our body and our way of life, and the significance of our internal speech is directly linked to our wellbeing. Our belief system directs us, often unconsciously, and I love working with that topic. To become aware of our programming is very beneficial and we can learn how to utilize that knowledge and change those non-working beliefs in the favor of us. Resilience skills are also close to my heart.  

Great things happen to our mind and body automatically  in the nature, and it has a direct effect on our well-being immediately. Virtual nature has the same effect in our body as the real one. I love to work in the nature and hope to do many of my activities and trainings there, but of course do lecturing and trainings inside, too, when appropriate. 

Apart the nature itself as well as the mind skills in general, the three pillars to any kind of healing and wellbeing are communion (belonging), community (sharing) and creation (self-actualization, joy). I want to incorporate these as much as possible in the workshops or gigs I run.

I mainly work in the capital area +/-50km, Hanko and Pyhätunturi. Virtually of course everywhere ! 

Hope to hear from you.

With joy,


See also my linktree with all links to my social media, newest products/offerings and much more: https://linktr.ee/erjaj

Wellbeing trainings,
 private coaching,
nature gigs and
©Forest Mind - trainings

I coach individually, train corporate and other groups and teams in various personal well-being and teamwork enhancing issues, organise different kinds of tailored well-being gigs in nature for teams and groups and
train Forest Mind Instructors and Guides in Finland and abroad. 

Holistic Well-being Trainings (inside and outside) on Mind Skills, Resilience, Beliefs, Recovery

Mind skills are our most important asset. I train resilience skills, our belief systems, i.e. recognizing and changing harmful beliefs, the meaning of self-talk to our well-being, just to mention few.  Outside, in zoom or at your premises.

I also can incorporate different kinds of training themes into Forest Mind outings, for example psychological safety of the team, functioning team principles or customer service in difficult cases. These I hold together with my training partner Valmentamo Oy. Of course these kind of training can be held indoors, too. 

See more here: Companies 

Well-being Events, Group Outings and Walks in nature (wellbeing day outings, minihikes, peer groups, retreats) 

Refreshing and invigorating wellbeing walks in nature with easy and fun exercises, as well as tailored events / wellbeing gigs for your team, management board or a group of friends! I use the Forest Mind method in various contexts

How about a half a day hike for example in Nuuksio for your management board, with nice exercises to boost your wellbeing and increase self-reflection, or a tiny retreat in the wilderness hut in Pyhä-Luosto national park according to the theme you wish?

My current dream is to organise a peer group for women, who have been or are daily supporting somebody close (for example own child or a friend or a parent) in challenging mental circumstances, but feeling alone and cannot get support for themselves anywhere. If this sounds appealing to you, pls contact me erja@mixingnuts.fi

Forest Mind Instructor and Forest Mind Guide -trainings 

Are you interested in adding the well-being effects of nature to be part of your working methods in your occupation? Would you be able to benefit of this great well being method developed here in Finland ?

There is a lot of information about the well-being effects of  nature, backed up by the science around the globe and also here in Finland. Did you know that only 10 minutes in nature lowers your pulse and reduces your stress level? Forest Mind combines the well-being effects of nature with the mind skills, and it is easy to adopt and use.

The Forest Mind Guide and Instructor -courses are targeted to people working for example in the fields of coaching, health, education and outdoor activitiesm and to all who want to utilize the method in their work by any means. The trainings go to a different depth and you can choose the one suiting you best. You can always ask for more erja@mixingnuts.fi

See more about Forest Mind here: Forest Mind method


Private Coaching

Do you need support to figure out your wished direction or path in life? Do you feel frustrated, totally helpess or in need for a life change? I have helped various people to find their inner strength, and my own life has had such twists and turns that I have quite a good capability in supporting you in various challenges. See more about me here: About me

Total change of a career, entrepreneurship, single motherhood, alcoholism, narcissism and mental health issues have touched my life very closely or are part of it. I believe that you can survive anything, and even (maybe) find a silver lining in it all. But this might require a trusted person to walk alongside with you and maybe give perspective and new ideas.

I provide coaching indoors, outdoors or in web, or in combination of all. 

Take a break and join me for a virtual forest walk! Did you know that virtual nature has same kind of effects in the body as the real one?  I want to join here.


"Erja is the best. Her way of presenting and the knowledge impresses me."


IT company, Finland (2021)

I would not have had the courage to execute these changes in my life if it wasn't for Erja during that time.

Woman, mentee

Lawyers' Association mentoring program 2022

Of the "Mind skills and wellbeing from the nature" - training:
"Joyful and warm atmosphere, the excitement radiated from the trainer, Good clear exercises, directly applicable for own use. A deep dive into theory also, important things efficiently in a nutshell. 
The trainer has a fantastic attitude !"

Katja Keränen

Natural Resources Institute Finland (2022)

Of the "Forest Mind Guide" - training:
"I have been waiting for just over a year now to be able to train for the English Forest Mind course. The wait was truly worth it, Erja managed to get an English Forest Mind group going and what fun it was.
Erja Really Is an amazing teacher and very patient. Not only did I learn a lot during the course but I felt refreshed at the end of it also.

I can't wait to work with Erja again in the future to further my training.
10/10 for everything.
Thank you again for an amazing time."


 Fall 2023

Contact me

Erja Järvelä, Espoo and Pyhätunturi
erja@mixingnuts.fi, +358 46 6004610