Basic Course in web

Basic Course

Nature based well-being method developed here in Finland, for your own use, first time fully in web.
Price 62e (incl vat)

Science backs up the fact that the healing effects of the nature are undisputable. 

Forest Mind is an innovation system designed in Finland. It consists of various types of mental skills exercises designed to utilize and intensify the natural healing effects of forests. This method uses the latest, most widely accepted trends in psychology, therapy, and coaching, including mindfulness and life coaching, in a natural setting or with natural imagery.

Forest Mind Basics training is directed to everyone, who wants to utilize this method to their own benefit.

If you want to enhance your
Stress relief

here is course for your self-care.

I also have created 9 video exercises for you to practise, either in the woods or even at your desktop. Did you know that the virtual nature has the same kind of effects as the real one? 
You also get to learn a bit of the background and meet Sirpa Arvonen, who has developed this system.

Also I have written a lot of exercises for you on top of the videos, 
and you can print those with you into the woods. The course also includes an exercise plan template designed for you, for making this learning also a fantastic habit !

The training includes a ppt/video presentation about this unique method, which combines the well-being effects of the nature with the mind skills, and how it is easily applied for you and your well-being, how to practise it and the frameworks around the method. You also learn how to move forward if you get excited about it and maybe want to start utilizing it in your work. This means becoming a Forest Mind guide or instructor by attending a course

for those.

This is a great tool to incorporate and be tulizied in nature events business, teaching,health care, coaching etc.

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After you have paid, you automatically get a mail with the access details
 for the training platform.

If you cannot pay directly on the page, you can send me a mail and I will invoice and give you access manually.