Wellbeing For Corporate World

It is clear, that when an individual within a company feels good, it increases the satisfaction, commitment and efficiency at workplace.

I personally think that there may be two topics over others which are most important when we talk about the well-being skills: recovery skills and mind skills & self-reflection. 

Recovery skills are inevitable in today's hectic world. I am specialized in harnessing the wellbeing effects of the nature for our advantage with the help of a Finnish Forest Mind -method. I am also over halfway with my ecotherapist studies, which notices the same issues. Even just staying in the nature without any specific purpose affects our wellbeing: 10 minutes stay in the nature reduces your blood pressure and pulse. It is super important to give our body a break so that we do not accumulate long term stress in it. Pushing ourselves too far without understanding what our body (and mind) needs leads to long term sickness and leaves of absent. This can be avoided and it is beneficial for everybody. 

I also train various mind skills to enhance and maintain our wellbeing. Our mind can work for us or against us. My favorite topics are for example recognizing our beliefs and changing them so that they serve us rather than limit us; the meaning of our internal speech to our wellbeing; resilience skills and how to improve them. 

Do you want to provide your team a set of tools to support their wellbeing or give a moment of recovery outside, backed up with a nice set of relaxing exercises? Let's take people out and away from their computers! See below examples of what I do.
Also I can tailor any gigs if you have something specific in mind. 


Wellbeing and other team trainings
on various subject matters 

Well being related trainings in- or outdoors. We can combine different training contents related to the wellbeing of the body, mind or your team, utilising at the same time the refreshing Forest Mind activities if we do this outdoors.

We always tailor the content according to your needs. 

Ask more or let's plan something cool! Contact me here: erja@mixingnuts.fi


 - The significance of my own thoughts to my well-being 
- Beliefs, how we can acknowledge them and work with them so that they better serve our own goals in life 
- resilience as a skill , and how to strengthen that 
- Internal speech as a well-being factor
- Well-being effects of the nature and how to use virtual nature for your advantage

Individually these might take from 2 hours up, depending on a topic. We can also combine different topics under a well-being umbrella and hold for example a well-being day with exercises outside. 

I also have executed for ecample 6 "hints for wellbeing" á 30 mins lecture each Friday for one company. This was succesful, too. 


In a co-operation with Petteri Hynönen from Vuorovaikuttamo we have recently organised training called "in the same boat", where we worked on the issues related to functioning team and team dynamics. This training got only positive feedback.

We can tailor various contents according to your needs, just ask!!  For example psychological safety in a team or difficult customer service situations, which we already held very successfully.  

These could also be held outside when carefully planned. 

Let us plan a suitable training for your needs! Contact me here .

Empowering wellbeing walks for groups/teams 

I provide well-being enhancing, energizing and stimulative forest trips/walks for various corporate groups/teams. 
Nature is, scientifically proven,  strengthening our immune-system as well as boosting and reducing stress levels in the body.

We will walk peacefully and enjoy for about 2km walk, and gently challenge ourselves according to the agreed themes, as well as open all our senses during the trip. We finish the trip by pampering open fire coffee (subject to weather conditions). Max 20 persons at a time. 

Duration 2-3 hours. I have oganized these for example in Seurasaari, Espoo and Helsinki Central Park, Nuuksio national park and Pyhä-Luosto national park.

I also have taken an executive board to a mini-hike in Nuuksio, where we walked around 4 km, talked together and worked on our well-being issues on personal level, too. This was very liked. 

Agreed program/gig
for your well-being days 

Tell me what you need and let's plan together nature or wellbeing activities or trainings according to your wished themes. 

Coach-on-site or outdoors near office

Preventive health care!

This could be your best choice to prevent sick leaves.
Create an atmosphere, where it is more than recommendable to go and talk about any issue bothering you, before it escalates to something big and may start causing stress and even illnesses.
I offer coach-on-site services as agreed. 


"Erja is the best. Her way of presenting and the knowledge impresses me"


Small IT company

"A wonderful, different and containing spurts of joy  -a  holistic training, that gave a lot of tools for personal and professional life. You are beautifully vibrant, gripping and empathetic - one can see that you are dedicated  to what you are doing."

Kaisa Määttä

Mind Skills and Wellbeing from the the nature - training 

Natural Resources Institute Finland

"A light bulb moment when you realize that you can discern your own thoughts and beliefs and when necessary, affect them! "
"Thank you for new thoughts!"
"Awakened new thinking and pondering. Thank you, it was pleasant to hear this lecture". "Thanks for a wonderfully inspiring lecture. Brought a lot of wonderful positive thoughts into my mind." 


Well-being afternoon for nurses

HUS 2021

Discoveries, new ways of seeing things and new thinking patterns, well-being skills or just enjoying and recovering in the nature.  

Contact me and let's plan something exactly according to your needs!