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Here a couple of my old writings in English:

Humanity in an initiation (written 16th of May, 2020)
My first ever publication in the Elephant Journal. Have a look and I would not mind a heart there if you relate <3. I think we are as a humanity are on an initiation quest here and it is up to us how the end result will be. It requires a lot of determination and clearing to be able to utilize this opportunity. Would be curious on your thoughts, too.

Grounding the Spiritual Process (written 28th of May, 2020)
My second ever article in the Elephant Journal, pls have a look and hopefully you like it. I have this creative urge at the moment to express verbally spiritual stuff and I believe it can be useful as I myself have been struggling with this topic and process and not understanding anything of what is going on at certain times :-D. So if this helps you even a tiny bit, I am glad.

And here on old blog post as published on the 9th of April 2020:
My Thoughts On Humanity And Tips On Managing Self In These Times

We are living extraordinary times. With great curiosity I have been following all that is happening around me and in the world. I, by any means, do not want to minimize the suffering of the ill ones, but I still want to remind you that this is not the end of the world. I have been thinking that this is a field day for the news producers. I open the tv and everywhere are online information about the deaths in each country, the chaos everywhere, you name it. It is becoming overwhelming to handle. And not sure if it all necessary.

We all are challenged to face our internal issues which we may have not been forced to face earlier. This crisis brings all unresolved issues onto the surface. We can use this time as an opportunity to get to know ourself and get acquainted with our inner landscape, which we easily may overlook while performing busy life otherwise. Physical isolation brings you in front of yourself in a very different manner you may be used to.

In a spiritual context this may be felt like an initiation.

About initiations (excerpt from Lissa Rankin's blog): Initiations are supposed to be scary and painful. Traditional tribal initiations bring you to the brink of death. You may or may not survive. Nothing is certain. If you knew it was safe, it might not initiate you. To be initiated is to stare death in the face—to come up close and personal with your own mortality- without backing away from it. If you make it to the other side- which is never guaranteed—you are welcomed into the tribe as an initiated adult, and then much is expected of you. You are then expected not just to extract resources from the tribe, the way a child might, but to give back, to offer your gifts, to protect the tribe and serve the vulnerable. Ours is not a culture of initiated adults, and it's not our fault. We are a culture of uninitiated, developmentally arrested toddlers and teenagers who were traumatized and never healed. This has caused us to feel entitled to things we are not entitled to—like hoarding resources, unrestrained extraction from nature, dehumanization, and exploitation of other humans we consider "lesser" than us, shameless use of plastics and fossil fuels, and unlimited car and air travel. We are not actually entitled to such things, and our grace period is over. What is sad is that those who have been hoarding and exploiting have been doing so at the expense of the most vulnerable, the most impoverished, who suffer the consequences the most, while consequences are often hidden from those with power and privilege." Amen!I strongly feel it is time for the humanity to go on this initiation quest, person by person. I hope we make it. What might scare me most in this situation is the thought of not making it - meaning that we do not learn even from this and continue keeping everything as granted and exploitable. I wish people could use this time to open their hearts, think why we got here and what we all can do to go on in a peaceful manner in the world after this crisis.

Ok, 'nuf said about that. Here following my personal tips for managing self through these times.

1. Avoid fear. Try to resist the fear the news is creating. Minimize your bad vibes feed. Know only what you absolutely need to know about deaths, horror pictures, recession schemes. Fear shuts down our immune system and activates the fight or flight. Our body cannot function normally and work against viruses if we are living in fear. So creating your own peace in these times is crucial.

2. Eat and sleep well. This is crucial for general well-being. Try to establish a little bit of a rhythm if you days have become alike. I am aware that this situation treats us very differently. Some continue at their work, only remotely, but there is not so much change in the pace of the days. For others (like me), everything changed overnight. My calendar emptied for half a year and I had to figure out how to go forward and keep in my senses. This requires creativity and cannot work without taking care of proper lifestyle habits.

3. Find joy in everyday life and things. There are tens of small things you can enjoy at home. Just pay attention to them and be very conscious about them. For example, I have thanked universe every day of my dog, my music, my piles of books, my computer:-D and all the delicacies I am able to buy from the store. Not difficult to find joy.

4. Feel gratitude. When you are able to bring things you are grateful for in your mind, it warms up the whole body. It is impossible to feel negative or stressed at the same time as genuinely feeling gratitude. Find 3 things in your life right now you are grateful for. Practise this every day.

5. Connect. I have found this overly important. When I cannot meet face to face, I can meet over Meet, Skype, Teams, anything. I appreciate technology even more than earlier. I have listened to many concerts and attended gigs online. What fun. You do not have to be alone in your house. You can welcome occasions and people virtually.

I did create my first ever online coaching called "Ärtymyksestä mielenrauhaan", meaning "From the Annoyance towards Peace of Mind". It is in Finnish only but easily converted into English in case interested. Or can talk online about it too in case interested. And more topics to come.

Stay safe, take care and let's hug when we meet after this.

Love, Erja

Reflections today: About not Knowing but Trusting

April 4, 2016

Dear one,

it has been a winter time of reflection for me. My rational mind told me I cannot write before I have come to a certain conclusion, but this is not how life is, this is not what I teach, this is not how I want myself to appear even though it would be easier and comfortable. Of course all of us want to appear self-confident, target-oriented, content with what they do and so on. Also me. But I am not and this writing is about that and processes in life.

My soul friend asked me that what it is that is preventing me from stepping up, or rather, why have I not yet done that (maybe pushed myself to glory, fame, global recognizion, not really sure what) and for a second I doubted myself and became worried. Why have I not reached something like that in my 3 years as an entrepreneur? Is it the end of the world if at this point of time the business is not booming or I am not (yet) speaking in the vast arenas of the globe?

I had to sit down and think about it and let all feelings related to this surface. It is clear I want to do my part in changing the world to a bit better place. It is clear I can do big things and I always paint the big picture. So have I achieved something or not if need to speak on these terms and what is going on?

When I think back my life when I still was working in the corporate world, my focus was on my everyday life. Running here and there, distinguishing fires at work, performed, achieved and thought something is missing. Today, EVERYTHING I do has a meaning to me. I will not do it unless it does. It is a very conscious way of living. Also, I strongly have started believing that universe will show the way if we let it. It is too often we push our way to the direction we think serves us. I consciously have avoided doing that. The question is that how long can one do that in this society? In terms of achievement, I dare to say that maybe I have achieved the very foundation of my living. It will become into fruition but the foundation needs to be solid. It is not easy to switch from the old "effectiveness" to meaningfulness. But I think I have done that. And proud of that.

I also know that lots of things are cooking for me. The book where my life story will appear among other 10 Finns who have made a total turn in their lives will appear soon this spring. This is a catalyst for something I know. Also, I am so unoccupied now that I will write my own book this spring. Less and less things are tying me to any specific spot in the world. I wanted to hook and attach but it did not work out, life banged that door hard to my face. Maybe this was my desperate attempt to find a easy way out of this uncomfortableness.

I also know that I am drawn to northern Finland, Lapland. Many people I encounter there touch my soul in a way or another. I think this is the most important thing in life at the moment. To be touched on a soul level, to connect and to share. Why else would we live here?

So it is clear the universe is telling me something, I just have not figured yet out what. And I need patience. My path will show up. My calling will force me to the right steps. Sooner or later.

This was just to tell you that you do not always have to know. Anything. Just live, day by day, and you will find it.

I know I will, too.

Being Worthy

For many reasons we start behaving as we might not deserve it all in life; the unconditional love; the ultimate joy; the limitless happiness. We start believing we are supposed to settle for less. Many times not even consciously but just start acting like that. We think we just have the best possible. But what is the nagging feeling that everything is still not as it could be or that something fundamental we are missing?

These reasons can stem from long times back, mostly from childhood, but even past lives. We are in a way programmed in a certain way, to respond in certain way to certain situations and if we do not become conscious about it, we repeat it, many times unsuccessfully to the bitter end, without any means to change this.

These behaviour patterns are often or mostly unconscious. We hide it in the odd patterns we realise in our interactions. We think we need to accommodate to be accepted. We think we need to be in control in different situations so we do not lose ourselves or our face. We always can explain different non-pleasant situations to ourselves in the best suitable way, for our own convenience, without maybe fully taking our own responsibility in those. I myself did this for a very long time. And never saw the mirror looking back at me.

I remember very clearly, after several (failed) attempts in close relationships, bicycling down the seaside road, wind in my hair and sun shining; it downloaded to me the thought: I am entitled to experience unconditional love in this lifetime. It hit me so hard, the realisation and understanding, as I was raised on a terms that I am a good person when I behave in a certain way, no fuzz making, not expressing or showing negative emotions. I had no capability to understand the underlying currents in people's behaviour not to mention my own. This started changing from that realisation.

Many of us act from fear. From fear of being rejected, of not belonging, of not being accepted, of not being loved. These feelings raise most easily in our closest relationships. I listened to Tommi Hellsten just a few days ago, and he talked about this phenomenon with the word shame. What he thinks is that a person who has never been seen with fully loving eyes and heart, carries this wound onward and reflects that in own environment in different ways - by being overly angry, overly sweet, overly understanding, overly criticising, overly hard, you name it. This is the internal shame we reflect until we realise what is going on in ourselves. Blessed are the ones who are lovingly healthy from the day they were born. But the realisation of our
"factory settings" is possible. And it makes all the difference.

What happens is that you start recognizing yourself in a different way. Suddenly you understand that you are worthy, regardless your status, regardless your behaviour, regardless anything. This brings an amazing certainty to one's being. It also brings creativity into fruition. It also starts affecting all relationships. You silently but surely start assuming the respect you deserve and this may change many relationships you previously have been maintaining. The false motives disappear and the authentic feelings of connecting start prevailing. You become healthy with your boundaries. You yourself start appreciating honesty and authenticity and vulnerability and real reciprocity in relationships and can feel and be all of those, too. Freely. No attachments to the outcomes, just be yourself. Feeling safe like that.

Being happy. Now.

My December 2015 Newsletter: 52+ Learnings this year

The year is ending and I need to make some kind of inventory of the past year. To me this year has been totally different than expected, much harder mentally than I ever could have anticipated, a bit lonely but with lots of new seeds planted for fruition maybe a bit later in life.

Let's see if I can come up with 52 learnings, as I feel there has sooo many, especially this year. Funnily, as I thought after building my new "career" I would have gained some kind of serene or tranquil state. Getting there, getting there!? (Maybe :-)?) Anyhow, here some of my learnings:

1. It is too easy to think you are all alone.
2. What you think you want is not what you need.
3. Everything changes all the time.
4. Go with the flow.
5. Let people around you change also.
6. Friendship is a fragile thing.
7. Trust is crucial.
8. Some things are worth fighting for.
9. Give room to new opportunities.
10. Ask for help.
11. Help the world to heal.
12. Love deeply animals and the nature.
13. Let people come close.
14. Choose your battles.
15. Know your boundaries.
16. Keep your boundaries.
17. Do not get offended by people too often.
18. Understand everybody works from their best knowledge.
19. Don't be cynical.
20. Let everything collapse if it needs to.
21. Remember that from the darkest moments emerges the light.
22. Show kindness.
23. Don't onvercriticise.
24. Enjoy little things.
25. Laugh a lot.
26. Respect others.
27. Remember that you are being cared for.
28. Good things happen.
29. Create cosyness around you.
30. Sport with joy.
31. Get involved with protecting and saving the nature and environment.
32. Do your part for the climate change.
33. Forgiveness is one big important capability as nobody is perfect.
34. Find your own spiritual way of being.
35. Exploring the world is fantastic.
36. Don't be harsh on yourself.
37. Believe in yourself.
38. GIve so you will receive.
39. Listen to your intuition.
40. Seek, everything that interests you even a little bit.
41. Listen to your body; when it is tired, let it be.
42. Let old things go with peace.
43. Always leave a positive possibility for something unexpected to happen.
44. Be patient (mostly).
45. Respect life as it is each moment.
46. If something annoys you, it tells you something.
47. Find the value in old friendships.
48. Trying new things is fantastic.
49. Remember, age is just a number.
50. Be ready to give up everything you are in order to become what you can be.
51. Think what is absolutely and undefinably most important for you in this lifetime.
52. Love everything as much and openly as you possibly can.

And an extra I cannot leave out:
53. You can always rewrite the script of yourself. You can change your view of yourself on many things.

Wow, there my list. And took less than half an hour! Maybe this could also be used next year on each week, observing its realisation.

Have a beautiful winter holiday and I wish you and your loved ones a Very Merry Christmas <3.

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